I was born in Krakow, where I live now. After almost 10 years spent in Warsaw, I found my home again here. Throughout my life I have travelled a lot and during one of these trips, a plan was born in my mind to focus all my attention solely on photography. It was in 2011. Nevertheless, the search for the means of expressing my artistic preferences started much earlier. For a long time I had been looking for a job that would be consistent with me in one hundred percent. I studied philosophy and sociology, however after having finished my studies, there were more question marks than answers.

My photography and the passion for photos do not make an attempt to answer, but they rather ask a question what the world which I photograph looks like. Every day I practice mindfulness as well as openness towards people and nature. The ordinary contemplation of what is unique in its’ simplicity is the starting point and photography is just an extension of this process. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed observing people, emotions and gestures. The essence of my photography is to be a humanist, meaning a person who is sensitive to people and to the world. I am inspired by the ordinary life, which provides an infinite number of opportunities to catch. If you like my photography, just write to me.